BHRS Certification - Logbooks

The Logbooks

In order to achieve British Heart Rhythm Society Certification, candidates must complete and submit a logbook.  There are 2 logbooks.  You complete ONE logbook only.

NEW FROM 2014:  From January 2014, the logbook must be completed over a 2 year period, during which time candidates must take and pass the BHRS examination.  Candidates need to notify BHRS via email that they wish to commence their logbook.  Once your logbook registration has been acknowledged, candidates can start to complete their logbooks. 

If at the time you register for the exam, you are yet to notify BHRS you wish to commence your logbook, you will need to do this before exam registration closes. For example, all 2017 exam candidates need to have informed BHRS they wish to start their logbook before Friday 24th February 2017Notifications after this date will not be accepted and your logbook start date will default to Friday 24th February 2017. 

Retrospective data is not permitted.  Candidates have 2 years, from the agreed date of registration, to complete their logbook.  Unless there are exceptional circumstances, no extension to this period will be considered.  

Both doctors and physiologists should complete the same logbooks.  Nurses with a special interest in CRM have their own logbook equivalent. 

The logbook component is very important and requires a significant amount of time and effort to complete.  A candidate who does not specialise in cardiac rhythm management will find it difficult to complete the logbook within the specified deadline.  The Certification Committee would expect candidates to have a minimum of two years experience in cardiac rhythm management prior to sitting the examination or completing the logbook.

In some cases, a candidate may be required to apply for an honorary contract to enable them to visit other hospitals to undertake procedures and collate data for their logbook and this additional time must be factored in when completing a logbook.

Devices Logbook

Electrophysiology Logbook

Nurses Clinical Logbook equivalent Case Studies Guidelines

You complete ONE logbook only and it is recommended that the logbook should not exceed one A4 lever-arch folder in size.  If you have any technical problems trying to view/download the logbook(s) please get in contact:

Tel: +44 (0) 1789 867 526

Please note that all patient identifiable information must be anonymised in the logbooks. Inclusion of any patient identifiable information is a clear breach of patient confidentiality and a serious governance issue.  Markers have been instructed to return logbooks and fail candidates if they have patient identifiable information in their logbooks.

Once you have completed your logbook, please send it to:

British Heart Rhythm Society
Unit 6B
Essex House
Cromwell Business Park
Chipping Norton

Please note: we strongly advise that you send your logbook using a tracked postal service.

Logbook Extensions

Requests for logbook extensions must always be submitted via email (and not by telephone) to, giving full reasons why an extension is being sought.  Requests will then be considered on a case by case basis by the Certification Committee.  Please note that extension requests require clear mitigating circumstances (e.g. ill-health, pregnancy).  Extensions will not be given for candidates who have failed to achieve the requisite number or type of cases.