Allied Professional Editorial Programme Competition 

British Heart Rhythm Society sponsorship to attend Heart Rhythm Congress 2015
The response to the British Heart Rhythm Society (BHRS) editorial programme has been significant and a notable number of case reports and review articles are available now for perusal on the website. BHRS has decided to invite new submissions from allied professionals into a competition and is offering two bursaries up to a maximum of £500 to attend Heart Rhythm Congress (HRC) 2015 taking place in Birmingham from 4-7 October 2015.

The editorial programme encourages professional development and adds academic resources for people with an interest in arrhythmias. Not only does the process open up the field of education and facilitation of discussion, but it also contributes positively to the development of the BHRS website.  Encouragement to write and present such reports and articles both familiarises and helps develop and promote the scientific method and clinical appreciation amongst practitioners.

BHRS Council then invites allied professionals to submit an article for the editorial programme, which will be entered into the competition. The subject can be anything relevant to cardiac rhythm management. The work need not just be technologically or pharmacologically based, but may also involve other areas of interest such as inter-personal patient care. When considering the merits of a good report or article, a number of factors need to be taken in to account. The clinical content of the work is the main feature of interest. A good scientific approach will gain credit when presented well.  Appropriate scientific referencing will also be expected. Naturally articles and case studies involving new technological developments or unusual pathologies will provoke interest but a submitted piece need not be complex, what matters is that it is both informative and relevant.

Articles should be no more than 1,500 words excluding references.  The deadline has now been extended, so competition submissions can now be made up until 5pm on Friday 4 September 2015 by email to  The articles will be marked by a selection of BHRS Council members and the winner will be announced by the middle of September.  Please review the conditions of the competition before submission.

The BHRS Council would like to thank everyone who has so far contributed to the editorial programme. The Council also looks forward to sponsoring the first winners of the competition very soon.

Dr Mark Earley- BHRS Honorary Treasurer